NexentaOS (elatte) Alpha 3 released

Alex Ross alexross at
Thu Feb 23 03:31:12 GMT 2006

NexentaOS (elatte) Alpha 3 is now available for download at:

This release contains 3,596 packages, and in particular:

* OpenOffice 2.0 (distributed with both InstallCD and LiveCD).

* Storage Subsystem (thanks to OpenSolaris Storage Community!)

* OpenSolaris build #34, non-DEBUG kernel.

In addition, Alpha 3 provides:

* LiveCD

    The LiveCD "Alpha 2" problem is now fixed. Also, we were able to fit in
    the entire OpenOffice 2.0 suite (110MB compressed) into the LiveCD image, and
    still keep the result below 700MB, which is suitable for most CD writers.
    The trick: ZFS compression.

* NexentaOS Installer: added time zone management. The Alpha 3 Installer will
    upgrade from both Alpha 1 and Alpha 2, will recognize removable drives, and

NexentaOS Alpha 3 is the first partially-automatically-built release. To see the
ongoing builds, please visit:

And to actually put the builder to work:

Everybody's invited!


Nexenta Team.

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