building a custom kernel takes a long time

John McCabe-Dansted gmatht at
Wed Feb 22 23:22:30 GMT 2006

I used the instructions in

This worked fine... although the Ubuntu project has somehow worked around
With a custom initrd, and I don't know how to build a proper Ubuntu
initrd. Once I replaced the Davicom card everything was fine, though.

On 2/23/06, Maarten de Boer <mdeboer at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to make a custom kernel 2.6.12 kernel for Breezy (I have a
> working dpatch based on Ingo Molnars rt-preempt patch), and I am
> following the instructions at
> specifically the "Some notes on Breezy Badger" part, and I find the
> process rather hard. Following the instructions I have to rebuild the
> whole kernel 3 times (in the most optimistical case that nothing goes
> wrong), and I am unpatching/patching all the time, and the whole
> ABINAME issue seems to complicate things excesively.
> So, some questions:
> Is the described method really the way to do things? Is there a Breezy
> specific page on how to make a custom kernel? Will things under dapper
> be the same?
> Kind regards,
> -- maarten

John C. McCabe-Dansted
Master's Student

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