Cups Web Admin Interface (was: Dependence on Gnome's System Menu)

Ante Karamatic ivoks at
Wed Feb 22 22:12:44 GMT 2006

Rocco Stanzione wrote:

> If I run CUPS, I can visit http://localhost:631 and poke around a bit, but I 
> can't do anything useful.  Specifically, the Admin functions are deliberately 
> disabled.  A message at the top of the page lets me know this and points me 
> to a Gnome interface which, not being a Gnome user, I don't have.  It was 
> suggested that this was disabled due to a policy of having no running 
> servers.  Does such a policy really exist?  If so, does crippling the 
> functionality of the CUPS web service satisfy this policy?  If the answer to 

Policy is not having open ports on extern interface. CUPS isn't 
crippled. It's configured to forrbid any configuration via web 
interface. Few '#' in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf would make that go away.

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