post-install media formats wizard

Dane Mutters dmutters at
Wed Feb 22 18:28:07 GMT 2006

On Wednesday 22 February 2006 10:09 am, Santiago Roza wrote:
> On 2/22/06, Dane Mutters <dmutters at> wrote:
> > Unfortunately, until we get a lawyer in here to validate/throw out
> > some of our ideas, we really shouldn't be arguing over what text to
> > include.
> i am not a lawyer, but as a tech journalist specialized in free
> software, i try to be well informed on these issues.  so i'd like to
> think i'm doing more than just throwing wild guesses here.

	Either way, I'm grateful for your opinion.  I want to clarify that I don't 
mean to belittle anybody's ideas or their knowledge.  I think this discussion 
is and has been fruitful; I would, however, like to have a lawyer look at it 
and tell us if we're on track.


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