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Wed Feb 22 17:35:29 GMT 2006

On 2/22/06, Florian Zeitz <Florian.Zeitz at> wrote:
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> Murray Cumming schrieb:
> > On Wed, 2006-02-22 at 09:58 -0500, Chris Wagner wrote:
> >>>> we could improve my proposed dialog by making it install realplayer
> >>>> (or some other non-free package) on "cancel".
> >>>>
> >>>> but anyway, when was my text "baffling"?  i only said patents ONCE...
> >>> And there the baffling begins. People don't read stuff, let alone try to
> >>> understand it.
> >> That baffling is nothing compared to what a typical Windows user is used
> >> to (and I'm assuming our targeted audience, here, is primarily Windows
> >> users).  Everytime one installs an application he's expected to read a
> >> EULA far uglier than that "baffling".
> >
> > Which 99% of people ignore because it's irrelevant to their goal.
> >
> >> I would say that it is quite important to at least make some note,
> >> giving the user some small reason *why* he cannot have these things
> >> working as is.
> >
> > But he _can_ have it working, if we allow him to pay the small amounts
> > of money that it requires.
> >
> > 1. Baffling text that I don't understand + Buy Code + Movie Plays
> > is far better than
> > 2. Baffling text + Movie Doesn't Play.
> >
> > At least in 1. the text seems to be part of achieving something, but in
> > 2. it's all about confusion and failure.
> >
> That would be true if this really were the two options, but they aren't.
> The first one is not valid because there is no such code to buy (you may
> prove me wrong, but I'd bet you won't be able to)
> The second one is only valid in the US (and maybe some other small parts
> of the earth), so everywhere outside US this option reads "Baffling text
> + Movie Plays"

Isn't the location set when Ubuntu is installed?  I'm not sure if
that'd fly, but if a little post-install program could figure out the
installed location, it could figure out what message (if any) to show.
 Ultimately, you'd be relying on the installing user's honesty, but
that puts the onus of legality on the person and not the system, which
I think is how things are at the moment, no?

Just thinking off the cuff here; I'm kinda jumping in, but I could
work up something in PyGTK+ if this could really be useful.


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