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Michael Favia michael.favia at
Wed Feb 22 16:55:29 GMT 2006

Wouter Stomp wrote:
> On 2/21/06, Henrik Nilsen Omma <henrik at> wrote:
>> Wouter Stomp wrote:
>>> How about instead of deploying a link, just copying it to the users
>>> home directory? Have some directories like documents, photos, music in
>>> the users home folder each with two or three example files.
>> That is how Windows does it, but the problem is duplication of data.
>> With sound, video and presentations with several images this can get
>> quite large. We might hit 10 meg for a single collection. You then
>> duplicate that for each user, which starts taking space.
> With the standard installation being around 2000 megabytes, 10mb more
> per user probably shouldn't be a problem. Adding links would be more
> confusing to most users who don't know anything about links. Only a
> large number of users on one computer could pose a problem and I was
> wondering if there are actually people with more than 10 or so users
> on one computer?

Please don't mess with my 'home'. I deleted the MS My Documents, My 
Pictures, My Videos, and other folders for years and 'bill' just kept 
making them come back. every time i deleted them they came back. Putting 
these example files on a live CD sounds like a great idea for helping 
people test out functionality, but putting them in my home be it new or 
old (but especially old) will just clutter things up. The reason i 
suggest against using such a setup is because it sanctifies those 
directories in a users home. Before long other packages will want to put 
some example files in there to show their functionality and we will end 
up with directories that never die. Windows home folders are a perfect 
example of losing control of your space. -mf

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