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Santiago Roza santiago.roza at
Wed Feb 22 14:41:36 GMT 2006

On 2/22/06, Murray Cumming <murrayc at> wrote:

> No mainstream distro is going to give you something that's illegal in
> the U.S. just because you say that you are not in the U.S.

mepis and mandriva do that exactly, and they're top 5 in distrowatch. 
ubuntu (and debian) have those packages in their official
repositories, they're just not enabled by default.

we weren't talking about including files in the ubuntu cd, but working
the mp3/etc apt-get magic automatically, with a post-install wizard.

> But Realplayer should sell codecs for Totem, so people don't need to use
> more than one player.

reaplayer doesn't need to *sell* codecs, i repeat most of them are
free/gratis (but not free/libre).

but we still can't link those binary codecs to totem, because totem is
gpl licensed, and the gpl doesn't allow linking to non-free packages
(unless the authors make an exception).

> And there the baffling begins. People don't read stuff, let alone try to
> understand it.

people read stuff, if they care enough.  they follow fairly complex
procedures when they need to crack a warez game, or install win32
codecs for their favorite movie.

i guess they will care when it's about mp3 and dvd, and my 10-line
proposed dialog was far simpler than those other things they do on a
daily basis.

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