Georgian (ka_GE.UTF-8) UTF .ttf fonts support in Ubuntu. to Matthew Garrett

Alinux alinux at
Fri Feb 3 00:49:56 GMT 2006

Hello ubuntu-dev folks!

2 days ago I've talked with some people (I guess with mjg59 - Matthew 
Garrett) from #ubuntu-devel, about including some .ttf fonts
for Georgian language in Ubuntu, because there is a localisation, a 
translators team etc etc...
but there is no native "main" fonts.... so I and my Translator friend 
have mailed to BPG georgian fonts
author, with GPL request for his fonts.... and this evening he mailed 
us...and fortunatly he is totally
agree with LGPL or GPL licensies... for him everything is the same...  
and he will be very glad to distribuite
his fonts for distros like Ubuntu or Debian...and help in (finally) 

So please Dear Matthew can you tell me in wich form he could (or we), 
could mail you this fonts?

Sincerely yours Vladimer Sichinava and Georgian Translators Team.

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