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Joshua Henderson josh at
Thu Feb 2 10:37:03 GMT 2006

Ubuntu is supposed to be a version of linux for everyone, not just computer
geeks, hence the name "linux for human beings" (even though it does imply
that "geeks" aren't human......). Still, let me get to my point, what I
would like to see in future versions of ubuntu is a GUI on the installation
of ubuntu. Example, a noob gets a copy of ubuntu, probably from shipit,
because that would be the easiest way for them, though it really doesn't
matter how they got it. So, they boot off the CD. They start the
installation, and **shock**, they see a blue screen. (in noob language big
blue screens on computers is associated with the big bue screen of death in
windows). So they go along with the install. I must say that it is pretty
straight forward for anyone, until the partitioner. I must say, if I only
knew how to type up a word document in Windows, I would have no idea what a
partition is. Other things like a boot loader, and everything else that is
in the installation. So, what I would like to see along with a GUI is a text
box somewhere that is dedicated to explaining everything in detail. Just a
suggestion, though I think it would help ubuntu allot in trying to get more
people to convert to ubuntu :).

Joshua Henderson
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