Making example-content more visible

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Tue Feb 21 02:04:43 GMT 2006

On Mon, 2006-02-20 at 21:43 +0100, Daniel Holbach wrote:
> You see that it's not quite easy to make example-content more visible.
> I'd very much like to hear your input on this.

Given that these examples don't have any functional role (nothing
depends on it ie) nor are they mandatory to making Ubuntu work, and will
probably be used only once, when discovering Ubuntu after the install, I
would avoid putting it anywhere visible, as it would get in the way all
the time, later, during normal work. It would cluter it permanently for
no good reason. So no icon on the desktop, no entries in the menu, not a
even a bookmark, because people will either not think it's removable
(since they don't a thing about Ubuntu/Gnome) and let it sit there, or,
they will just be prudent with this complex Linux thing and just think
"If it's there it must be for a good reason, I better don't touch it,
cause it might screw something up, and I will be in the shit to fix it,
as I don't know a thing about Linux or computers in general".

There is an easy and straightforward solution, though :-)

Example content are meant for beginners who are discovering Ubuntu.
What in Ubuntu is meant to help beginners discover what Ubuntu can do
and how to use it ? Yes, the "Ubuntu" help icon in the System Menu.
I am not running Dapper right now as Flight 4 has problems and I can't
use it, but IIRC the Ubuntu help pages have a kind of "Getting Started"
user guide or something to that effect ? Well, that's the ideal place to
integrate some nice example content. The guide would have easily
noticeable clickable links that would start up a Nautilus window which
would present the various files. Polish is important, so that Nautilus
Window would have to be clean (use spatial mode, not the browser
default), and be properly dimensioned and positioned on the screen.


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