Dapper installation notes/Stuff that needs fixing

Dana Olson dana at ubuntustudio.com
Wed Feb 15 05:01:39 GMT 2006

On 2/14/06, Oliver Grawert <ogra at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> hi,
> Am Dienstag, den 14.02.2006, 14:16 -0800 schrieb Dane Mutters:
> >
> >       I agree whole-heartedly with this point.  Has ANYBODY ever had Totem work
> > properly out-of-the-box?  I suggest that we ditch Totem entirely in favor of
> > Mplayer.  This sounds like good bug report material to me.
> so you would prefer a totally crippled but shippable mplayer in main and
> on the CD and a working totem with mp3, wmv support in multiverse ?

Uh, why don't we just ditch media players altogether?? Honestly, what
is the reason to have Totem as a default if it can't play ANYTHING,
even as simple as a WAV file? It is just there getting in the way.
Remove it entirely. I'd rather have no media player rather than a
piece of garbage that can't even play a single file in my collection.
I can install Xine or Mplayer easily enough, but then I still have to
go through and change all the file associations, which is a major PITA
that wouldn't be there if Totem just wasn't even installed by default.

Honestly, I think it can play Ogg files and that's about it. And as
much as I wish everyone in the world used Oggs an Theora, it just
isn't that way.

> there are legal reasons for the decisions ...
> ciao
>         oli

Thank God that I know how to install a good media player, and was
willing to help several newbies out, including a good friend of mine
who gave it a shot thanks to a CD I gave him. He was a bit surprised
that there would be something so useless as this included by default
in a distro that is supposed to be newbie friendly.


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