Irrelevance of the debate: (was "Epiphany versus Firefox" etcad nauseam...

Corey Burger corey.burger at
Wed Feb 15 04:29:32 GMT 2006

> I've actually used both extensively in the past few months.
> And I just confirmed that Epi 1.9.7, the current Dapper version, does
> not remember form fields correctly.  I opened the browser, went to
>, did a search, then closed it.  I then reopened the browser
> and started to type the same search, and it failed to auto-complete.
> Lee

That is a bug not a feature. Be careful when you judge something, as
it may be a bug, not a feature. So when you judge something about a
specific feature/bug, rather than slaming it for not doing what you
want it to do, say "I noticed it doesn't do X, but I think this might
be a bug". This is part of the "looks like, smells like, is" test of a

My suspicion is that the vast majority of computer users think that
the internet is the big blue E and don't associate with a particular
browser. However, this may also be changing, due to all the mainstream
press Firefox has been getting, as well as the mainstream press that
IE security issues.

As for the specifics of this debate, the wiki page about Firefox vs.
Epiphany I think captures the debate quite well. I suggest we continue
there, rather than spam the -devel list, as nothing can be done until
xulrunner is mature anyway, as others have noted.


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