Irrelevance of the debate: (was "Epiphany versus Firefox" etc ad nauseam...

John Nilsson john at
Wed Feb 15 03:52:06 GMT 2006

On Tue, 2006-02-14 at 22:37 -0500, Lee Revell wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-02-15 at 10:37 +0800, Michael T. Richter wrote:
> > Because it is those "power features" that make
> > Firefox for me.  I really missed my ad-reduced browsing.  I really
> > missed my popup-free browsing.  I really missed being able to whitelist
> > Javascript and not worry about malicious sites using Javascript to screw
> > me over.  I really missed, basically, all the features of Firefox that
> > make it superior to Epiphany.
> Another one - I really missed the way FF remembers my form field
> entries, so I don't have to type my email address over and over and
> over.

Michael missed the premise that the user would not use obscure features,
would hardly alter the default configuration and would certainly not
install extensions.

The popup thing might be an issue though. Firefox comes with this
enabled right? It's possible to configure Epiphany to block popups, but
it does so in a way much less visual than Firefox. A small icon in the
lower left corner is the only indication there was a popup.

I didn't know that epiphany doesn't remember form inputs though. That is
a valid concern.


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