Restoring the Help Icon in gnome-panel

Yuriy yuriy.kozlov at
Mon Feb 13 20:46:02 GMT 2006

I think putting the help icon back in the panel by default is going in the
right direction, but please, not the "click here to get help, click here not
to show this again" bubble notification.  These bubble notifications are THE
most annoying "feature" of windows xp sp2.  I hope Ubuntu minimizes the use
of popup notifications.

P.S. As a KDE user, I'll add this "panel icons are too
small to understand" problem to my mental list of things I hate about gnome ;)

> Hi,
> Maybe we could use a notification bubble to diplay some info for first
> time users, with a "don't show this again" option.
> And also the message where you can find the help? (System>help)
> I don't like to have 2 times the same icons on my desktop. (On the panel
> and in the system menu) Just like the new logout button applet...
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