Restoring the Help Icon in gnome-panel

Jordan Mantha mantha at
Mon Feb 13 20:39:29 GMT 2006

Lee Revell wrote:
> On Mon, 2006-02-13 at 20:49 +0100, Petr Tomeš wrote:
>> On 2/13/06, Lee Revell <rlrevell at> wrote:
>>> The help browser is way way too slow to be usable IMHO.  I click
>>> System->Help and it takes about 8 seconds for the window to even appear
>>> and another 8 seconds for anything to appear in it.
>> Hi,
>> I have similar experience about slowness of help browser and
>> furthermore I think nobody has problem go to System menu for Help.
>> Petr Tomeš
>> Ubuntu CZ -
> It seems like the rest of Gnome has had some serious performance work
> lately but this just got left out, probably because developers don't use
> it.
> Oh I forgot to mention on Dapper, the Help doesn't work at all - it just
> crashes as soon as it's done loading.
> Lee

In Dapper yelp has gotten dramatic speed increases since about 2.13.4
and is very usable. It also works fine for me with no crashing. Dapper
should have some really nice documentation installed so it would be a
shame for users to miss it.


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