Synaptic without broadband Internet

Alban Crequy muadda at
Mon Feb 13 19:13:23 GMT 2006

Hi all,

One of my friend want to switch from Windows to Ubuntu but he has not
broadband Internet (only 3kB/s). So he cannot use Synaptic or apt-get
to install big software like eclipse.

He used to download big software for Windows at work, where he has
broadband Internet. Then he burns a CD and installs the software at
home on Windows. Often all dependencies are inside the "install.exe"

On Ubuntu, he has to download the .deb files from at work and follow dependancies manually
and hope not to forget something.

I would like a new feature in Synaptic: instead of downloading .deb
files and installing the packages, I would like Synaptic to generate a
list of URL to download. Then my friend would go to work and download
these files, burn a CD and run again Synaptic. Synaptic would find the
.deb files on the CD.

Is there an easy method (GUI) to do that in Ubuntu 5.10, or is it
planned for dapper or dapper +1 ?


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