Should we take out the CJK configuring in /etc/fonts/fonts.conf

Jun Kobayashi fm4j-kbys at
Mon Feb 13 16:54:04 GMT 2006


freeflying wrote:
> 在 星期一 13 二月 2006 17:41,Huang Jiahua 写道:
>>It seems the CJK fonts haven't been configured suitablly.
>>Should  we  take out the  CJK configuring  in  /etc/fonts/fonts.conf ,
>>and use the  language-pack (  such as  language-pack-zh )  to
>>configure the CJK fonts .
>>If we have changes  they, the CJK fonts will be configured suitablly,
>>the defalut display of CJK font's will be perfect,
>>and it will not  affect other language users.
> I think this is good idea for CJK users .
> We have have tried for an well display in our native language ,but 
> unfortunately ,it will affect other languages. and also bug have beeng filed 
> to launchpad ;
> each changes affected  other language users . I also hope that configure 
> relate with CJK fonts in /etc/fonts.conf can be taken out , and put them into 
> conf.d, then use language-pack-base-* configure for each languages . In this 
> way , we can make it easy for CJK users to have a well looking in their 
> native language , those who will not use CJK language users will not be 
> affectted .

As in the case a Ubuntu system is shared by users who 
uses various languages, does above solution work well?
(e.g. the case English, Spanish, Greek and CJK users share 
one Ubuntu system.)
I think this is likely case at colleges.

Since language-pack-base-* packages don't conflicts each other, 
we install langage-pack-base-* packages for various langages 
to built multi-language Ubuntu system.

So, ideally, we should write config files for fontconfig 
not affecting other language users, I think.

I don't know whether this is possible...does anyone know?

Jun Kobayashi

> Hou ZhenPeng

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