Dist-upgrade testing

Jorge Bernal koke at amedias.org
Mon Feb 13 11:32:26 GMT 2006

El Viernes 27 Enero 2006 16:11, Michael Vogt escribió:
> And some spurious conffile prompt:
> - /etc/login.defs
> - '/etc/firefox/pref/firefox.js'
> - '/etc/firefox/profile/bookmarks.html'
> - '/etc/firefox/profile/search.rdf'

Happens here too. Also I got first stuck at libc6 config, asking me about changing the timezone. And some more conffiles questions I don't remember now.

More issues:
* I saw in the console output an error about a not found './update-manager.png'
* The release notes should be shown in a more "rich" widgets so links are clickable
* There's bad wording when downloading packages "Downloading FOO with XXX kb/s" instead of "... at XXX kb/s"
* Translations for the upgrade manager should be downloaded with the code (if they're available).

Apart from this, my upgrade was quite smooth, nice job :)

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