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Sandis Neilands sandisn at
Mon Feb 6 10:10:19 GMT 2006


On 2/4/06, Sebastien Bacher <seb128 at> wrote:
> Le samedi 04 février 2006 à 03:16 +0200, Sandis Neilands a écrit :
> > * User has to perform more clicks.
> Hi,
> How often users change the session or language they use?

I assume that in places like libraries and schools they are used quite
often. However when I wrote the original post I was more concerned
about shutdown and reboot than session and language.

> > * The name 'Options" gives an impression that there is something
> > underneath to configure gdm itself, not to turn off computer, etc.
> Better suggestions are welcome ("Actions" is already used and reserved
> so it can't be used for that one)

We can always find some very generic word to use (like "menu" or
"options" as it is now), but this would be stupid. The problem is that
this menu contains unrelated things that, as indicated by separator, 
should be separated. Even if there is a word in English that
accidentally describes both groups precisely, who can guarantee that
there is equivalent word in every other language ubuntu is translated

> > * With breezy it was very clear that language and session are related
> > to login. Currently it's not. New users could be puzzled, what effects
> > those two have.
> Do new users change their session often?

I doesn't matter. But when they try to change it for the first time it
should be as easy and obvious as possible.

By the way there is a bug (#30191) filed about the new theme. See it
here (


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