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Ben Woosley Ben.Woosley at
Sat Feb 4 02:31:56 GMT 2006

So I know this isn't the proper way to submit patches, but for now I'm 
claiming ignorance.  I'd be happy to read up on the proper (presumably 
launchpad-based) alternative.

To remove the extra whitespace below the notifications, as discussed 

Starting at line 45 of standard/theme.c in notification-daemon-0.3.2...

#define WIDTH         300
#define MIN_HEIGHT    100
#define IMAGE_SIZE    48
#define IMAGE_PADDING 10

can be changed to this:

#define IMAGE_SIZE    48
#define IMAGE_PADDING 10
#define WIDTH         300

Which should fix the extra white-space issue.  For lack of experience in 
debugging debian packages and such, I haven't been able to test this but 
the code looks friendly to me.

I'd appreciate if someone could point me to some developer 
documentation, that could tell me how to properly debug packages, and 
eventually commit to them.  I mean, I can install it and just run it, 
but that's not ideal.  I'll probably set up a separate environment for 
that sort of thing.  Anybody know any good resources?

And if you feel like testing the above out for me I'd appreciate it.

Ben Woosley

Matt Galvin wrote:
> On 2/2/06, Ben Woosley <Ben.Woosley at> wrote:
>> If someone could point me to the relevant source I could take a look at it.
> It is a combination of libnotify and notification-daemon. You can grab
> the source with:
> apt-get source libnotify1
> apt-get source notification-daemon
> Hope this helps,
> Matt
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> Matt T. Galvin
> mgalvin on
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