madwifi-ng testing requested

Adam Conrad adconrad at
Thu Feb 2 19:14:40 GMT 2006

I have rolled some linux-restricted-modules packages using madwifi-ng,
and I would like to get some testing of these packages.  We've tested
them on several laptops here at the distro sprint without issues,
however "several" isn't a particularly large set.

The packages are available at
<> and are built against
linux-image 2.6.15-14.

Please send whatever "works for me" or "oh god, it's horribly broken"
responses you have directly to me to avoid too much noise on the lists.

Also, the upstream source is known to currently have some issues on
amd64.  If anyone could let me know if they've ever even SEEN an atheros
wireless device on an amd64 system running Ubuntu, it would be nice to
know how much we need to care about those bugs.

Thanks in advance,

... Adam

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