Optimized kernel builds: the straight dope

Ben Collins bcollins at ubuntu.com
Tue Aug 15 03:17:05 BST 2006

On Mon, 2006-08-14 at 23:02 -0300, Daniel wrote:
> Last time I tested it was on dapper release and the k7 kernel booted
> my athlon more than 5 secs faster then 386. I'm the kind of user who
> reboots a lot and I found those seconds pretty precious.
> Just my half cent.

I'd be more interested in seeing the average of 3 boots per kernel, in
cold power on, and warm reset boots.

The saved seconds may just be the time saved switching in optimizations
for k7 (the -386 would have to make these optimizations, the -k7
wouldn't). This something that would only really occur at boot time.
IMO, just a few seconds at boot isn't worth the trouble of maintaining
all the kernel flavors we currently do.

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