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Cody Somerville cody.somerville at
Wed Aug 30 21:21:52 BST 2006

To be honest, I don't see any typical windows user using nano or vim (except
for the ones that are a bit more advanced but then we're starting to leave
typical and more into untypical). Most "typical windows users" don't even
know the command line exists let alone know what it means or how to use it.

However, we're not windows - we're a linux distribution. Most people using
Ubuntu (or any linux distribution) are atypical and generally are a bit more
familiar with using a computer then their windows counterpart. However,
aren't we trying to get windows user over onto Ubuntu - to solve bug #1? So,
one might assume that we need to make Ubuntu as easy as Windows or at least
somewhere in the same vicinity. Where do we draw the line between the stuff
we package for "users" and the stuff we pack for "unix users"?

The way I see it is that the "good stuff" that most users can apprecaite
should be stuck onto the cd _first_. We want to make a good impression
right? Most users will ditch Ubuntu before they realize there is a HUGE
repository of amazing free software if Ubuntu doesn't meet their initial

Now before you start flaming me, I do realize that we need a cli editor in
there for recovery and the what not and that is why I'm going to recommend
nano over vim. As someone already mentioned, a new user would obvisously
have an easier time using nano then they would vim and nano would obvisously
do the job if the need arrised. By picking a smaller sized editor that can
certainly get the job done, we can fit more of that good stuff onto the cd
for the initial install.

Besides, The "typical Ubuntu user" doesn't give a flying hoot if you felt
dirty inside for the 60 seconds that your Ubuntu install lacked vim. :P

Anyhow thats my 2-cents,

- Cody

P.S. This is my first message to the mailing list <g>

On 8/30/06, Tristan Wibberley <maihem at> wrote:
> Corey Burger wrote:
> > Lets step outside our own usecase. How many users actually use vim?
> > (Hint:This mailing list is very a bad sample). I would wager more
> > users use IRC and yet we removed xchat (for good reason).  If users
> > need an editor, nano works for that.
> I agree, a console text editor is needed for those drastic recovery
> situations. vim is unusable for most people, yet nano is intuitive
> enough for most people to get by with.
> FWIW I prefer vim, but I'll "apt-get install vim" if I want it.
> Just don't let them make nano a dependency of ubuntu-desktop for
> heaven's sake.
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