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Jan Claeys lists at janc.be
Sun Apr 30 18:34:22 BST 2006

Op zo, 30-04-2006 te 19:14 +0800, schreef Joel Bryan Juliano:
> What do users got to lose?, the current way got local ubuntu users
> together, and also speak their own language. To strip the local part,
> and leave only the people to understand each other is a downgrade.

The menu item and everything else says this is to get support, it
doesn't say this is to gather with local people...

Of course, a way to get in contact with the local community is also
important, but it's not really the same as getting help with a problem.

> I think the better approach would be to impliment a way to bring same
> speaking users to a particular channel together, 
> that is will auto-join #ubuntu-spanish if your speaking spanish.
> so 3 channels will be autojoined, #ubuntu, #ubuntu-AR (If your from
> Argentina) and #ubuntu-spanish (because you speak spanish). 

Or, like I wrote: make it possible for all the language-based and
location-based communities to add their own channels, and don't write a
magic algorithm that tries to find them automaticly...  ;-)

Jan Claeys

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