Bugging questions

Matt Zimmerman mdz at canonical.com
Wed Apr 26 21:06:30 BST 2006

On Wed, Apr 26, 2006 at 04:12:00PM -0300, Christian Robottom Reis wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 26, 2006 at 09:52:29AM -0700, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> > Agreed 100%.  If we are to benefit from forwarding bugs upstream, we need to
> > be able to filter out bugs that have been passed on.
> > 
> > What should this look like, though?  From which reports should they be
> > excluded?
> It could just be an advanced option. Perhaps something like: 
>     [ ] Exclude bugs that have an open upstream status
> or
>     [ ] Exclude bugs that are pending upstream work
> that would be displayed in distribution context only.

Certainly there should be such an option in the advanced search; however,
shouldn't it also be possible to use this information to make the existing
pre-cooked reports more useful as well?  In general, if we've passed on
responsibility for a bug, it shouldn't show up on our todo lists anymore.

 - mdz

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