cupsys - enable browsing or not?

Andrew Jorgensen andrew.jorgensen at
Wed Apr 26 17:50:47 BST 2006

On 4/26/06, Martin Pitt <martin.pitt at> wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> Andrew Jorgensen [2006-04-25 16:10 -0600]:
> > Oh dear.  I don't like that (if I understand it).  I do think it's
> > good to be able to enable sharing from a UI but I don't think sharing
> > should both be enabled when I check "Detect LAN Printers".  Sharing
> > and browsing are two very different things.
> I know, but the 'Browsing' setting in cups controls both, there is
> little we can do about that.

Experience suggests otherwise.  For one thing, even with browsing off
I seem to be able to see all of my network printers:

Also, cups recently added a per-printer sharing option "Shared Yes|No".

> > Suppose my department has a shared black-and-white laser printer and I
> > have a personal (and far too expensive per-page) inkjet in my office.
> > If I check "Detect LAN Printers" in gnome-cups-manager that should
> > allow me to detect the department printer but should not share my
> > Injet with everyone.
> By enabling Browsing, other people can merely see your printer. That
> doesn't mean that they are allowed to use it (they are not by
> default). You still have to allow them access by defining 'Allow <ip
> range>' statements in cupsd.conf. This is indeed a weak point, since
> We do not yet have a GUI for that, but defaulting to 'Allow @LOCAL'
> would be bad precisely for the way you described.

That's fine if others can't use the printer, but it would be
preferable if they couldn't see it either.  What good is seeing it if
you can't use it?

> Adding that GUI should be done in any case, but it's too late for
> Dapper, and I believe that the gnome stuff for printing will change a
> lot in Edgy anyway.


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