No Open Ports Policy

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Wed Apr 26 04:18:47 BST 2006

On Tue, Apr 25, 2006 at 09:39:25PM -0500, Rocco Stanzione wrote:
> The No Open Ports Policy is a good one.  It would be better, I think, if it 
> were made more specific to accommodate packages that know how to listen only 
> on non-internet-facing devices, like CUPS.  Actually, this suggestion is 
> pretty CUPS-specific - we could gain some nice functionality for which 
> (AFAIK) we have no GUI solution for, without the kind of exposure involved in 
> *really* opening a port.

I'm not sure what functionality, you're referring to here, but CUPS, as
shipped in Ubuntu, does listen on the local loopback interface.

 - mdz

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