NTP server(s) to use

Stephan Hermann sh at sourcecode.de
Tue Apr 25 05:07:32 BST 2006

On Tuesday 25 April 2006 05:53, smurf at smurf.noris.de wrote:
> Hi,
> Abel Cheung:
> > From the page, they say the primary concern is the loading and
> > traffic of the ntp servers (e.g. flawed ntp client flooding
> > servers). If we are using our own server ntp people might actually
> > be happier.
> On the other hand, it _is_ a single point of failure.
> I'd rather have some redundancy.

Well, many people with latops/desktops with no current network 
connection during boot won't care a lot about this or that ntp host, 
most sureley, it doesn't matter.

But for measurement purposes an ntp server at CDC is much better then 
pool.<vendor> cname pool.ntp.org.

A redundancy can be made, when some people who are using ubuntu and have 
access to a realiable DC are setting up some ntp servers and canonical 
is setting up the correct dns records. the CDC ntp server will be the 
master for the others.


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