Bug forwarding methodology in Ubuntu (Re: 10k open Ubuntu bugs)

Mark Shuttleworth mark at hbd.com
Mon Apr 24 18:37:37 BST 2006

Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> Meanwhile, I would like to avoid having these bug reports go unanswered.  To
> this end, I propose the creation of a team to do the following:
> - Verify whether a bug is Ubuntu-specific (in some cases this will be
>   obvious, while in others it will require some analysis, examination of the
>   patches in the package, understanding of the program's internals, etc.)
> - For bugs which are not Ubuntu-specific, determine the appropriate place to
>   report bugs upstream (this information should be retained, perhaps
>   initially in a wiki page but hopefully directly in Launchpad soon)
> - Forward the bug report upstream with a brief note and some stock text
>   which explains that the report was filed in Ubuntu, but applies to the
>   vanilla upstream version as well
> - Record the fact that the bug report has been passed on (perhaps by
>   assigning the task to a "dummy" team created for this purpose), and inform
>   the bug submitter (probably with a canned response)

At the very least, create an upstream product and a task on that
product, so that if we LATER find someone to be a connector between
ourselves and upstream all of their relevant bugs are listed in one
place for them to review.

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