beagle still leaking

Ivan Krstic krstic at
Sun Apr 23 19:19:12 BST 2006

Nils wrote:
> I wrote a mail some time ago about beagled which is growing to an
> infinte amount of memory on my box. Since then it was updated about 3
> or 4 times, I was hoping to get rid of the problem but it still
> exists..

Please file a bug; this list is not the appropriate medium for voicing
such problems.

> Now to my question, how can i figure why beagle uses so much memory
> (eg if this occurs at a particular file, how can i figure out which?)
> How can I start beagle with a maximum amount of ram, which it's
> allowed to use (not sure about ulimit)?

This is a question for the users list.


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