OpenSolaris distros collaboration by using

Erast Benson erast at
Wed Apr 19 19:16:19 BST 2006


I were thinking on what would be beneficial for every camp involved into
OpenSolaris and related development? What would be useful for NexentaOS,
BeleniX, SchilliX, marTux, SCXR, etc ?

I think having centralized place (bugzilla, bounty, project management,
calendar, etc) for OSS packages would be really beneficial for every
camp involved.

I came across[1] and I think it could be a really great
idea to utilize it for OpenSolaris community. NexentaOS is already
registered[2] there, the same way we could register
"opensolaris-generic" and other distros where we could collect all our
patches and together collaborate on ongoing issues.

Few great things about launchpad (as I see it):

1) It could coexist with existing bug-tracking systems, i.e. we don't
have to change NBTS to Malone for instance and re-integrate our internal

2) It provides integrated bounty[3] system. So end user potentially
could pay cache for particular fix in his favorite distro;

3) Its well done.



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