Firefox right-click disabled

Ian Jackson ian at
Tue Apr 18 12:38:28 BST 2006

Matt Zimmerman writes ("Re: Firefox right-click disabled"):
> This should be a configurable option, so that the user can choose whether or
> not to allow websites to do this.  Ideally, this would be configurable
> per-site, but I would be satisfied with a global on/off toggle for Dapper.

Indeed.  As has been said,
  Edit / Preferences ...
  [*] Enable JavaScript  Advanced ...
  Allow scripts to  [ ] Disable or replace context menus

> This is not strictly true, though it would be a good idea to share our
> concerns with upstream.  I doubt they would object to a new configuration
> option for this purpose.

That seems unlikely :-).

I haven't search upstream's BTS for reports of the underlying
problem.  Really, it would be sufficient if the two competing menus
could be either combined into one, or if there were a (discoverable)
way to get the `other' one.


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