Please test new cups packages

Forest Bond forest at
Sat Apr 15 23:35:16 BST 2006

> The package has been tested by three people so far without any major
> difficulties. However, before we put them into dapper, I'd appreciate
> some more testing and feedback.

Well, here are the issues I saw, which are, admittedly, not likely to be 
seen by typical users.  I have an ubuntu-server box that handles 
printing for my network.

First up, using the web interface for administrative tasks fails.  It 
just tries to load and hangs; message in error_log is something like 
"Generating server key pair" or something like that.  Looks like cupsd 
is trying to use openssl to generate its own private key and 
certificate, but something goes amiss.  I generated the crt/key 
manually, and all worked fine.  Took me a few minutes though, as it 
seems I only use openssl once every couple of months at the most, and 
always forget the right way to do that stuff.

The other problem I had was due to my usb host driver not being loaded 
at boot time.  This seems to only happen when using kernel 2.6.12 under 
Dapper; using 2.6.15 caused the module to be loaded properly, but I had 
custom-compiled madwifi for 2.6.12, and haven't gotten around to it for 
2.6.15 yet, so I'm locked in at the moment.  This is obviously not CUPS 
related; who should I notify, if anyone?  Or is it just not supported 
(2.6.12 under dapper)?  BTW I also had to manually mknod /dev/usblp0, as 
this module didn't want to use /dev/usb/lp0 for some reason.

And this, perhaps because I didn't purge my old config (and was hoping 
not to):

------- (error_log)
File device URIs have been disabled! To enable, see the FileDevice
directive in "/etc/cups/cupsd.conf".

I noticed default log level is warning, but used to be info... Info 
seems preferable to me?

All of this interlaced with problems printing from Mac OSX, under which 
certain applications (apparently) encode their postscript with some PICT 
something-or-other (that I'm not that familiar with).  Again, not the 
cups package, but it certainly added some confusion.

Out of curiousity, I wonder if we could avoid cluttering the new CUPS 
web interface with "please use the gnome tool".  Can't it be assumed 
that anyone who finds himself at http://localhost:631 probably knows 
what he is doing?

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