Please test new cups packages

Jan Claeys lists at
Sat Apr 15 00:04:16 BST 2006

Op do, 13-04-2006 te 14:04 +0200, schreef Martin Pitt:
> our current cupsys version in dapper is a pretty old SVN snapshot. A
> ton of bugs has been fixed upstream since then (unfortunately it also
> grew some more features which potentially destabilize it). We have
> many bug reports about cupsys, so I hope that some of them get fixed
> by the new version. 
> Also, I would prefer to ship dapper with 1.2 final instead of a random
> SVN snapshot, since we can get upstream's help for bugs found in
> the current 1.2rc2, but not (necessarily) for our old snapshot.
> Please tell me about any regressions you encounter compared to the
> current Dapper packages. Please also give me a quick note about
> success (a reply with just a single word 'works for my foobar printer'
> is fine :) ) so that we know about the test coverage. 

Samsung ML-1610 with the Samsung ML-1710 driver (there is no driver for
the ML-1610).  This is an USB-printer & it was already installed.

Printing works.
CUPS configuration seems to have issues though...

Jan Claeys

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