SMFication Project registered + proposal

Ivan Krstic krstic at
Fri Apr 14 09:46:08 BST 2006

Erast Benson wrote:
> SMF adoption by Ubuntu could be in benefit for both distributions.
> I'm looking for people who would be interested in such a work, i.e.
> Ubuntu port of SMF service manager and SMFication of existing Ubuntu
> packages. 

As I've said several times on this list, SMF seems to me like the best 
solution to system service management out there at the moment, and one 
that Ubuntu should have. This would make a great project for hackers 
looking for their claim to Ubuntu fame. So, want to get involved? Get in 
touch with Erast, and let's get the ball rolling.

(Cross-posting to ubuntu-server, where there might also be interest.)

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