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Ante Karamatić ivoks at ubuntu.com
Thu Apr 13 06:53:06 BST 2006

On Thu, 13 Apr 2006 00:34:39 +0200
Gianmarco Leone <gm_l at email.it> wrote:

> I wonder, why the artwork doesn't follow the rest of the relase
> process? I mean, an artwork has the "function" to look nice and
> professional. It could fit this purpose or not, but this artwork
> surely doesn't. It is as openoffice doesn't save files because "it is
> note the final office".

Acctully, OpenOffice 2.0 and all the betas before it *had* the problem
with saving files in ODF :)

> How could there be any feedback about that artwork?

OK. With this change you can see how should artwork look (just ignore
words and crane). You can comment it, you like it or not. Personally, I
think it's muche better than Breezy background wich was blury on my

You didn't have this option in Breezy. Artwork camed few days before
release and that was that. No comments, work was finished. Now you can
comment and it will be changed if most of the users don't like it.

So, smart thing would be to stop flaming how artwork changes and start
commenting quality of artwork. Does it need to get better or stay as it

Much more dramatic changes happen daily in Dapper that really make your
life heavier (i.e. libmysqlclient15[off]).

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