Dapper 6.6 Flight 6 - Failed to install in Acer TravelMate 3210 Some Fixes in Dapper 6.06 04.10.06

Manuel manuelsspace-listas at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 12 17:17:54 BST 2006

I was tryng to install Flight on my Acer TravelMate 3210 and get the following 

1: It require acpi=off to be enable to start the kernel. This issue was fixed 
in dapper 6.06 kernel 2.6.20. I believe it should be a FX 
function "Compatible mode" in order to enable non expert users to install in 
buggy or incompatible notebooks.

2: The installer advice me that the / partition is too small after manual 
edition but:
	2.a) The space required was bigger than the space advised prior to finish the 
partition's edition
	2.b) I did back and reorganize partitions, then, the installer has the 
partition size cached and does not recognize that the new / partition is 
	2.c) I did restart installation process and let the installer to choose the 
partition layout. It does not recognize that my box has a swap already 
created and create another one.

2: The installer does not finish because was unable to install GRUB. This 
break the machine at all, I did recover this doing chroot in hda? partition 
and dist-upgrade 

In Debian installer I was enabled to assign manually partitions and reuse 
my /home and some others partitions. 

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