Graphical Xorg configuration Application

Simon Edwards simon at
Wed Apr 12 07:44:32 BST 2006

On Sunday 09 April 2006 23:32, Johannes Fortner wrote:
> Hello,
> Some new Ubuntu users have often Problems with configuration your
> display(s). Some Monitors are not good configured by default.
> I think Ubuntu need a Configuration Tool for the xserver and it is a
> good idea to Integrated it into the gnome control panel or the gnome
> screen resolution preferences.
> Working currently someone on a tool like this?
> I can develop a xserver-configure tool use c#/mono/gtk# if it is needed.

Kubuntu's new Display system configuration module (kde-guidance package) does 
this and also supports multi-head configurations, and avoids red-herrings 
such as "being written in portable language like C/C++", or "having frontend 
and backends" or "having wrappers for langauge X, Y and Z".

It is written in Python + KDE/Qt. Redoing the GUI part using PyGTK is 
certianly possible. It just needs someone to get in there and do the work for 
the GNOME port.


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