gnome/xubuntu package duplication issue

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Tue Apr 11 23:32:08 BST 2006

Hi Jani,

Jani Monoses [2006-04-12  1:02 +0300]:
> for Xubuntu I have selected a number of packages for the default install
> which are Gnome apps but with a few tweaks can be made to have GTK-only
> dependencies. Some of them already have --disable-gnome configure 
> options in upstream. The packages are : evince, gcalctool, gnumeric, 
> gnome-system-tools and gnome-cups-manager.

Oh, did the evince and g-system-tools upstream finally accept the
patch? When we talked about that the last time, we still had that 100+
line patch for the non-gnome source package counterparts.

> While they can be built from a separate source package (see evince-gtk 
> and xubuntu-system-tools in universe) this is not optimal as it 
> conflicts with the goal of reducing duplication in main.

++ :)

> The problem could be solved by building gnome and gtk binaries from said
> packages, but most of them use CDBS which does not support multiple 
> build passes required for such a scenario. Having these packages changed 
> to use plain debhelper means extra burden for the maintainers.

While it's true that the current cdbs does not have support for
multibuild, I see no reason why it shouldn't use multibuild. Of course
you have to write the rules manually, but if you use plain debhelper,
you have to do that anyway. 

So, even if our debian/rules delta to Debian becomes some dozen lines
big and ugly, that's IMHO still preferable to maintaining an
additional (and largely identical) source package, especially if we
don't even need to carry a big code patch for that any more.



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