Graphical Xorg configuration Application

Tristan Wibberley maihem at
Tue Apr 11 23:08:01 BST 2006

Josué Alcalde González wrote:

> I think it is really needed, but it needs some talk and discussion.
> The best would be to make backends and frontends, and allow 3rd party
> vendors to extend the application for special options (synaptic, ati,
> nvidia...)

The 3rd party vendors should be getting together with the folks on
ubuntu-sounder (or ubuntu-devel if it gets listed as a project for some
"next-release") to define the features that should be supported so all
cards have the same interfaces (with unsupported features simply being
shown disabled). That different cards show different interfaces for the
same features on Windows is a big fat bug that shouldn't be replicated
on Ubuntu.

If the 3rd party vendors are worried that Ubuntu devs might not create
the GUIs that they want on the timescale they want, they should just
submit a patch.

PS, I've CCd sounder, please reply there.

Tristan Wibberley

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