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Sami Haahtinen ressu at ressukka.net
Tue Apr 11 17:02:59 BST 2006

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Lei Ming wrote:
> I've read Ian's explanation, but I don't quite agree with him and I
> still think it's better not to remove the quick search bookmarks.
> Reasons:
> ----8<-----
> B Using quick search bookmarks (QS) is much faster than search box (SB)
> because you don't need to use mouse to select the searching services
> from the drop-down list then switch back to keyboard to type the search
> string. If you often use different searching services (I personally
> switch between wikipedia and google frequently), that means a lot of
> pointing and clicks.

I must say that since the SB arrived i've never used QS keywords. I do a
lot of searches and i hardly ever touch the mouse. This might be more of
a case where the keyboard shortcuts should be more visible somewhere.

TIP: Did you know that you can change the search target with ctrl-up and

> D The location box is much longer than the SB. When you search for long
> strings, you can not see the whole string in the SB, and you must scroll
> the text left/right to check if there are mistakes. It's even more
> troublesome when you paste text into the SB.
> E SB is not complete. For example, there is no SB entry that is
> equivalent to the "quote" keyword in the QS. 

What does the quote keyword do? it's rather simple to make the
equivalent for the search box if there isn't one already.

> F It's easier to add new entries to the QS than to the SB.

This is a matter of point & click vs. bookmark & edit.

Even though i haven't used QS, i think it might be best if they were
available. The only problem is that beginners can easily get confused by
the bookmarks, when clicked on the bookmark will appear as broken.
(unless the website is able to handle the broken URL).

Maybe the bookmarks should be there for Dapper and we should create a
proper patch to hide the keywords from the normal UI and show them only
in bookmark manager.

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