Malone: Making Binary Package go away on bugs?

Matthias Klose doko at
Fri Apr 7 21:54:28 BST 2006

Brad Bollenbach schrieb:
> Downsides:
> * You won't be able to list/search bugs by SP
> * ??

I don't like the idea, it's one more step for a package maintainer to
figure out something about the report.

consider: " wrong color in template", you're widening the
search space for the package maintainer by a factor of 30. Yes, you can
ask the bug submitter, but it's one more step. It makes sense for
packages which have only a few (<=3 ?) packages.

I see the goal to make the UI more simple for the bug submitter, but
dropping or not having data is not helpful. same for not having
architecture and version information.


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