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Tue Apr 4 06:40:55 BST 2006

Il giorno mar, 04/04/2006 alle 14.13 +0900, Kai Hendry ha scritto:

> Are there any resources to read up about this binary compatibility
> problem? Dapper's gcc is Version: 4:4.0.3-1. My unstable box is Version:
> 4:4.0.3-2. I always assumed binary compatibility breaks with "big"
> releases of gcc.

ABI compatibility with GCC didn't break from 3.3->4.0. G++ did.

> And hasn't Debian dealt with binary compatibility problems before? I
> always thought that I could upgrade from say "woody" to unstable without
> a clean install.

We're talking about uploading from Debian to Ubuntu, which is NOT pretty
much the same.

> This thread has something:
> Perhaps if I upgraded etch to unstable? Then switched to dapper?

Still not great. The problem hides at the basement, and it's called
libc6. The base C library is the source for (in)compatibility for most
packages of the base system. Moreover - I'm a Debian user - whenever I
have to port debs from Ubuntu to Debian I have to patch them because
Ubuntu started integrating Launchpad, say, for GNOME packages, and maybe
other X.Y-0ubuntuZ dependencies which break with Debian.

> Btw I still don't think this is a "user" question. I'm interested in the
> dev/technical side of this problem.

And "clean install" is not for losers, a server ubuntu setup may surely
help. You don't even have to _totally_ format your partition (I rarely

Hope I solved some "technical" problems.

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