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Mon Apr 3 22:13:31 BST 2006

--- Jan Claeys <lists at janc.be> wrote:

> Op za, 01-04-2006 te 16:45 -0500, schreef John Richard Moser: .
> Except that some of the more popular models of those ADSL-modems (e.g.
> speedtouch here in Belgium) need a binary firmware upload, sometimes
> even needing the user to pull the firmware out of the Windows driver...
> -- 
> Jan Claeys

Many greek users have this problem too. At least one major ISP (forthnet.gr) ships a
"crypto F200", which is basically a connexant accessrunner. That modem
is fairly popular in Spain too AFAIK (or was it Portugal? Sorry... ).
Although kernel support is included in Dapper, one has to use a program
from http://accessrunner.sourceforge.net to extract the firmware from the
Windows driver and then copy it to /usr/lib/. After that you have to use
a text editor to set up pppd, and a lot of guesswork is required (IIRC, 
there were some VNI or VCI numbers that turned out to be 8 and 35 for
Greece). It would be nice for people if this could be done automatically.

The firmware of course, cannot be distributed. A random
idea would be to include the firmware-extractor in the main distribution,
and if such a modem is detected, pop up a wizard that will tell the user
"Insert the modem driver cd". They would insert the windows cd and a script
could handle searching for the driver, extracting the firmware and installing
it. As far as I can tell, this is legally OK. 

FYI: I wrote to Forthnet asking them to distribute "Linux drivers" and to stop
saying that Linux does not support their modem but as you can imagine, they
didn't even bother to tell me to get lost.

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