Easier internet configuration

Jan Claeys lists at janc.be
Mon Apr 3 13:03:38 BST 2006

Op za, 01-04-2006 te 16:45 -0500, schreef John Richard Moser:
> Matthew East wrote:

> > On Sat, 2006-04-01 at 14:58 -0500, John Richard Moser wrote:
> > 
> >> People with one computer and a
> >> straight-out DSL modem are the only ones that really wind up needing
> >> host-based PPPoE
> Well if it's really that important, then it's basically entering a user
> name and password.  The rest is all cookie-cutter junk that could be
> automated. 

Except that some of the more popular models of those ADSL-modems (e.g.
speedtouch here in Belgium) need a binary firmware upload, sometimes
even needing the user to pull the firmware out of the Windows driver...

Jan Claeys

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