Default fonts in Firefox

Matthias Klose doko at
Wed Sep 28 09:10:47 CDT 2005

Ian Jackson wrote:
> Regardless of the result of the wider discussion, I'm still planning
> to change the default default from serif to sans.  While antialiasing
> has improved matters, it's still the case that serifs on displays are
> heavier, larger and/or more uneven than in print, so the usual rule
> that text with serifs is easier to read is far from obviously true.
> If you disagree with this plan please say so.

Does this still hold, if you exchange Bitstream Vera Serif with DejaVu
Serif? The Bitstream Vera fonts i.e. don't have explicit oblique shapes,
but the DejaVu fonts have.

The DejaVu fonts are derived from the Bitstream Vera fonts, but add more
glyphs, particularily for eastern european languages, but should be
exchangeable with the Bitstream Vera fonts.


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