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It's not as featureful as Gnome; Gnome is a fricking awesome system and
should be on any of today's systems as default.  Gnome should even be
ported to Windows and cramed in in place of Explorer (it would replace
all Explorer functionality, including file browsing and
non-Firefox/Thunderbird Web/E-mail browsing re Epiphany/Evolution), but
it's not, and this is Linux so we don't care.  But it's featureful and
pretty and powerful and advanced.

That said, XFCE4 is lightweight and still in the ballpark.  If the
system is lighter, or the user wants to have a lower memory footprint,
XFCE4 is a great alternative.  It's smaller, it's faster, it uses less
RAM, and it can be configured to very closely resemble a default
Ubuntu/Gnome installation.  For those lower-end configurations, or those
extremely high-end configurations that are targeted at an application
rather than being a desktop (i.e. gaming; gamers don't see much of the
desktop), XFCE4 fits in very nicely.

XFCE4 can look like Gnome, Windows/Explorer, or MacOSX in terms of panel
placement and arrangement.  It may be nice to provide a way to quickly
switch configurations, or at least pick a default at first log-in.  This
is easier said than done of course.  Personally I'd love Xubuntu's
default configuration to mimic Gnome/Ubuntu, just as a way to
immediately show that it's a lighter-weight but similarly featured
environment rather than a solid step down.

Jani Monoses wrote:
> Hello all
>   We are starting to put together an Xfce flavoured Ubuntu derivative
> aimed mostly at users of middle range hardware and xfce users on other
> distros ;)
>   The initial participants are the MOTU Xfce team and various other
> people who have expressed interest in xfce+ubuntu in the past months
> (you know who you are) but everybody else's contributions are welcomed.
> We intend to release as close to breezy as possible so in the coming
> weeks there's going to be plenty of work to be done :)
> For more info
> Wiki page:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu
> Mailing list: http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/xubuntu-devel
> thanks
> Jani

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