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Matthew Paul Thomas:

> On 26 Sep, 2005, at 5:04 PM, Shot - Piotr Szotkowski wrote:

>> It's more important 'which fonts'. Verdana and Georgia were designed
>> for the screen and are great at this - so these are always set as my
>> defaults. As msttcorefonts is not in Ubuntu main, I guess both Verdana
>> and Georgia are out of the question; if you believe that the web pages
>> look better in whatever sans-serif font Ubuntu ships then I say go for
>> it.

> I don't see what's wrong with Vera Serif,
> myself. It's almost as good as Georgia.

I don't have anything against the Vera family, it's great. I was only
writing about my experiences (I'm simply used to Georgia and its old
style / lowercase numbers as the default).

>> The default of 12px is widely accepted across different browsers and
>> operating systems,
> The default proportional font size for Mozilla,
> Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari is 16px.

Errr, right. Sorry for the confusion, I meant to write 12pt
(= 16px at the default DPI) but somehow managed to mix the two.

> I just surveyed the front pages of the world's
> 100 most popular Web sites as defined by Alexa 

The thing I mentioned ('advanced', or 'more enlightened'/'more concerned
about accessibility' web developers not using fixed sizes, but depending
on the users' default settings of 12pt/16px) is that the web slowly
moves in that direction. Generally speaking, the current 'proper'
techniques (like taking into account the accessibility of the webpages)
might not be used on the most popular sites yet, but will be used more
and more in the future.

So, to sum it up - I'd vote strongly
against changing the default of 12pt/16px.

-- Shot
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