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Mon Sep 26 08:34:28 CDT 2005

On ma, 2005-09-26 at 16:03 +0300, Sandis Neilands wrote:

> In ubuntu-multimedia i would like to see those codecs
> and dvd support rather than more
> multimedia players. The only exception could be totem-xine (which
> replaces totem-gstreamer).

Don't forget legal restrictions...

> ubuntu-devel should be renamed something like ubuntu-deb-devel,
> because it mostly deals with packaging, right? Ubuntu-devel should be
> left for more general things like gcc/ anjuta/ glade/ devhelp/
> devhelp-books/ etc.

ubuntu-devel was meant for *Ubuntu development* which for a large part
is packaging. Some more documentation packages is not a bad idea. 

> However i don't see any good reason for ubuntu-lamp, because there are
> way too much possibilities, which lamp (lamr, lapp, etc) solution user
> wants. Besides most users who deal with servers and databases can
> install them on their own. If not, some documentation is needed rather
> than lamp package.

True, maybe a metapackage with a lot of -doc packages would help :)
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