Colony CD 5

Manu Cornet Manu.Cornet at
Sat Sep 24 16:34:11 CDT 2005

Hello !

>>Don't know, if this is a bug... After pressing "Add" in Add to panel
>>the window closes. Why? There is "cancel" button for that task.
>>Instead it should be left alive for user to add more items.
>>Just my 0.02$ (Oh, i mean €)
> Very valid point, you should file a 'wishlist' bug about that.
> In that situation the cancel button however should be a close button.
> (And what the hell does the 'back'button do??)

Well, it has been assumed that the user usually wants to add only one 
applet at a given time (and I guess that's actually true in 99 % 
situations ?), that's why the window closes when you click "Add" (or 
when you double-click on an applet, or when you press "Enter" when one 
is selected).

If you want to add multiple applets, you can drag and drop them to the 
places you want.

And about the "Back" button : if you choose "Application launcher", 
you'll get an application list instead of the applet list, and the 
"Back" button becomes active, in case you changed your mind and want to 
add another kind of applet.


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